From: Morning Consult
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Morning Consult Energy Sunday Edition: Voters Expect Grid Attack But Hope For Best
Date: Sun Aug 10 18:00:27 MDT 2014


Poll: Voters Expect Grid Attack But Hope For Best


By Emily Holden (@emilyhholden)


Public interest groups and think tanks have for years been sounding the alarm on critical cybersecurity weaknesses that could bring the U.S. electric grid to a grinding halt.


Awareness of grid security has crept into the American subconscious as people have seen more and more news reports that read like spy novels—Russian and Chinese hackers with quirky names like “Energetic Bear” and “UglyGorilla” launching malware attacks and gathering sensitive information that could be used in cyber warfare to shut down electric lines or power plants.


According to a Morning Consult poll, 75 percent of voters think there’s at least a 50-50 chance that the energy industry will be the target of a major cyber attack within the next few years. But most think the situation is being handled. Almost half—49 percent—think the sector is “somewhat prepared,” and another 10 percent say it is “very prepared.” On the other hand, nearly a third—31 percent—say the industry is “not too prepared” and another 10 percent say it isn’t prepared at all. READ THE FULL STORY.




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