From: Roger Hickey, Campaign for America's Future
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: The Outrageous Corporate Scheme to Pick Your Pocket
Date: Fri Aug 08 19:28:33 MDT 2014
Campaign for America's Future

Last week, we sent over 200,000 messages to Walgreens’ management telling them that if they use the “inversion” scheme to evade their taxes, we will take our business elsewhere.

And we won. Walgreens backed off. 

This is just the beginning. No corporation should be able to evade their taxes by changing their addresses to a P.O. box in Switzerland. Stopping Walgreens sends a powerful message, but a wave of new inversions are on the way. We need action from Congress to end the irresponsible and unpatriotic practice of inversion. Right-wingers, though, are blocking action. So we need urgent and effective action by President Obama. 

Click here to tell the president to act now to stop all corporate inversions with an executive order. If he acts, we will have his back.

If defenders of corporate traitors in Congress continue to stand in the way, we will take that choice to the American people in the election. Voters should know who stands for corporate greed and who stands with the American people. 

Roger Hickey


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