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Subject: Shall I Compare thee to an August Evening?
Date: Fri Aug 08 15:15:32 MDT 2014

Email list myths are disproved.
Fact or Fiction of Email List Hygiene
What you once believed to be true, may not be. Experts provide their insight on the realities behind four email list myths. Read about these myths and learn the proper way to keep your email list clean!

How email segmentation can help
 your email campaign.
Optimizing Email Segmentation
How can you boost your email marketing success? If you do not have a segmentation strategy, that is a great place to start. Learn the basics behind this strategy and how to use it for your success. 

Shall I Compare Thee to an August Evening?
See what went on at last week's co-sponsored happy hour! We came, we socialized, we enjoyed!
 Coast, July 31st at 6pm


Drupal is becoming THE CMS platform.
Drupal is becoming THE CMS platform
Let's talk about what makes Drupal such a great choice for developers, designers, and publishers. Our blog highlights 4 reasons why Drupal is becoming THE CMS platform.
Video content can
 increase the effectiveness of your emails!
Spice it up with Video
Spice up those humdrum emails with some video content. Video hosting sites like YouTube are gaining more popularity and with this rise it is beneficial to include it in your marketing plan. See how to use it in your email campaigns. 
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