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Happy Friday

Ever wonder how politician handle questions from the news media that they don't want to answer? Some artfully dodge them. Others? Well, sometimes it doesn't go so well. The Huffington Post put together a clip of the more awkward encounters reporters have, including one with Montana's John Walsh, who withdrew from his congressional bid yesterday after allegations of plagiarism. [HuffPost]

Topping the news: Animal rights activists gain a small victory after federal District Judge Robert J. Shelby ruled in favor of proceeding with a lawsuit targeting Utah's 'ag gag' law, meant to dissuade covert investigations into animal agricultural operations. [Trib] [DNews][Fox13]

-> Lawyers for the gay couples trying to overturn Utah's same-sex ban are urging the Supreme Court to take up the case, saying this controversial issue deserves to be decided once and for all. [Trib] [DNews] [Fox13]

-> Sen. Orrin Hatch says Democrats outside of Utah support a national monument here as a way to raise money from the supporters of environmental groups. [DNews]

Tweet of the day: From @LarrySabato: "60 million people watched Nixon's TV resignation speech. 86 million have watched Rick Roll on YouTube."

Happy Birthday: To David Everitt, chief of staff to Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. On Saturday, to former AG Mark Shurtleff on Sunday to Jessica Gail, former press secretary to Rep. Jim Matheson.

In other news: The accountant Utah tasked with overseeing a polygamist trust has been charged with patronizing a prostitute and it could cost him his job. [Trib]

-> Personal financial reports show that congressional candidate Mia Love paid off her student loans and made money from speeches, while her Democratic opponent Doug Owens would take a pay cut if elected to the House. [Trib]

-> Danish Flats, a Colorado-based wastewater firm, agrees to pay a $50,000 fine to settle a dispute over the company's expansion in Grand County without the necessary permits. [Trib]

-> Paul Rolly notes the sad tale of a Utah man whose car was towed because the DMV had entered his information incorrectly, and then towed again after it was stolen. [Trib]

-> Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss this week's political news, including Sen. John Valentine's exit and whether President Barack Obama will name a new monument in Utah. [UtahPolicy]

-> Bernick also wishes farewell to Valentine and notes his work in the Legislature for 26 years. [UtahPolicy]

-> A former deputy superintendent for the Jordan school district will collect at least $500,000 for his departure amidst talk of splitting the district. [Trib]

-> Drivers hired through ridesharing companies are being targeted and issued expensive fines by the Salt Lake City through the use of secret riders. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley gives his take on how hard it is for poor people to get nutritious foods. [Trib]

-> Policymakers attended a mini-medical school at the University of Utah. [Trib]

Nationally: President Barack Obama authorizes the use of airstrikes against ISIS forces in order to protect American personnel and provide humanitarian aide to civilians surrounded on a mountain in Iraq. He said, "We intend to take action if they threaten our facilities anywhere in Iraq ... including Irbil and Baghdad." [WaPost][NYTimes][WSJ]

-> Obama signed a $16 billion bill that seeks to improve the access to health care for veterans. The bill will pay for new physicians and nurses but will also give more power to the Veterans Affairs secretary to terminate staff who fail to adequately do their job.  [NYTimes]

-> Montana Sen. John Walsh dropped his bid for re-election after a plagiarism scandal eroded his support. [Billings] [WaPost]

-> Hillary Clinton says professional women, particularly those at the top of their field, face unreasonable expectations when it comes to fashion. "I think that for many women in the public eye, it just seems that the burden is so heavy." [Glamour]

Where are they?

  • Rep. Jason Chaffetz returns from a political trip to Montana and meets with the New Car Dealers of Utah.
  • SL Co. Mayor Ben McAdams will judge a pie contest at the Salt Lake County Fair before stopping by the Kearns library 50th anniversary celebration. He, then, returns to the fair to judge a car show.
  • SLC Mayor Ralph Becker goes to a meeting at the Summer Outdoor Retailers Show and then to a meeting of the Tourism, Recreation, Cultural & Convention Advisory Board.
  • President Barack Obama will hold separate meetings with his secretary of Labor and Commerce.

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