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To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Learn how to conduct honest employee evaluations
Date: Mon Aug 04 18:18:33 MDT 2014

6-step tutorial to conduct honest and effective employee evaluations
September 17, 2014 * 2 - 3:15 p.m. Central Time

Dear Manager,

How often do you conduct employee evaluations? Are you honest with your feedback? Do you complete them on time?

Chances are you've let them slip through the cracks. It's OK, many managers do. But it's time to stop putting off employee reviews.

Learn how to give honest and specific feedback to your employees, and see a boost in productivity from all your workers.

Join us for this webinar and learn how to:

  • Transform boring evaluations into powerful motivational tools
  • End conflict between managers and employees
  • Conduct no-nonsense training sessions and hold everyone accountable
  • Rely on a 6-step process that emphasizes gentle, straight-forward, and honest discussion
  • Respect your employees: Prepare an honest evaluation that teaches and inspires
  • Stay calm when projects don't go as expected
  • Avoid counting mistakes as crimes. Learn what to do instead
  • Attack the problem and never the employee
  • Help employees save face when they fail
  • Complete your reviews on time

You'll get 6 easy-to-follow steps and proven front-line techniques from national HR and business leader, Carol Hacker. Employees take their evaluations seriously. So should you.

Register for this webinar now and learn how to give honest and motivational evaluations.

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