From: Campaign for America's Future
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Paul Ryan's Plan to Kill 11 Anti-Poverty Programs
Date: Sun Aug 03 20:25:12 MDT 2014
Campaign for America's Future

You might want to sit down for this.

Paul Ryan wants to replace virtually all federal poverty programs with "opportunity grants" to the states. He proposes that we end food stamps, rental assistance and other vital programs and replace them with a check to state governors like Rick Perry and Scott Walker.

The governors, according to Ryan, will “personalize” anti-poverty measures. In his 73-page plan, he outlines the most audacious cut to the safety net in American history.

Republicans have earned a reputation for being callous towards the poor. Ryan's "Opportunity Grant" is this decade's "Compassionate Conservatism." The only “opportunity” Ryan cares about is his and his party's electoral prospects.

Campaign for America's Future has taken on Paul Ryan before and won. We organized against his budgets and exposed his plans to cut Medicare and Social Security.

We can do stop this with your help.  Can you make a $10 commitment to fight Paul Ryan's dangerous plan to cut food stamps, housing assistance and much more? 


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