From: Jim Dabakis
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Mr President,we are UTAHNS.Please,PROTECT GREATER CANYONLANDS!
Date: Fri Aug 01 16:16:29 MDT 2014
YOU can help save Greater Canyonlands.
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A Sober Plea from Utahns
to the President of the United States

Please sign this doggone petition. It asks the President to protect Greater Canyonlands.
An important part of Barack Obama's decision process is measuring Utah's local support. So far, all he hears is one side. Our President needs to know that Utah is not just the "drill, baby, drill' voice of Governor Herbert, Rob Bishop and Ken Ivory. He needs to know that we UTAHNS care passionately and we want him to protect America's and Utah's Greater Canyonlands!

It doesn't happen that often, but this IS one of those moments--we can change history. In 100 and 1000 years, we may be remembered as the generation of Utahns that saved Greater Canyonlands and protected it for countless generations yet unborn. 
Again, because we are from Utah--our voice matters a lot. We can be the difference. Sign this petition, as a Utahn.
Help protect greater Canyonlands! Help spread the word!
I care deeply about this matter. In 2013, I became the first Utah legislator to demand that Greater Canyonlands be protected. The idea that a Utah public official was so passionate to preserve Canyonlands was so unusual that it made the pages of the New York Times! To see the article,  click here!
Washington is of the mind that all Utahns are opposed to protecting Greater Canyonlands. We need to let the President understand that hundreds of thousands of Utahns want to protect this magnificent treasure that took 170 million years to create but could be lost in a generation if the greedy oil, gas and pot ash interests are allowed to continue to run free in Greater Canyonlands!
~ Jim
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