From: Roger Hickey, Campaign for America's Future
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Walgreens Scandal - Money Out of Your Pocket
Date: Fri Aug 01 13:01:18 MDT 2014
Campaign for America's Future

Walgreens used to be a U.S. company that grew by competing on price and service. 

Not anymore. They’ve found an easier way: Change their mailing address to Switzerland and skip out on billions of dollars in taxes.

Yes, Walgreens may soon be a Swiss company – on paper. Nothing changes except the return address. They’ll still make business decisions and operate in America. There are no executives taking crash courses in Romanche (one of the five official Swiss languages).

Walgreens is making us the suckers. While they will still deliver their freight on our roads, recruit workers we educated and use the courts we built, they won’t pay their share of taxes anymore. 

Tell Walgreens and their greedy, shortsighted CEO Greg Wasson: If you want my business, pay your share. Sign the petition here.


Roger Hickey

P.S.: Walgreens is not the only big company considering this type of scheme. That’s why it’s so important to act now and show that we won’t tolerate this kind of unpatriotic corporate behavior. 

Take action: Click here and sign our petition.


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