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To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Swallow, Shurtleff and more
Date: Wed Jul 16 22:45:47 MDT 2014

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What do charges and arrests of Swallow, Shurtleff say about Utah? (Deseret News)

Former AG Shurtleff calls his arrest an election-year stunt (City Weekly)

Experts: Supreme Court may not take Utah’s same-sex marriage appeal (S.L. Tribune)

Senate GOP blocks bill on contraception coverage (AP)

Poll shows how Americans view Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Mormons and more (S.L. Tribune)

Mia Love a fundraising Goliath, Owens tries to catch up (S.L. Tribune)

Family that owns Hobby Lobby plans Bible museum in Washington (N.Y. Times)

Senate bill to nullify Hobby Lobby decision fails (Wall Street Journal)

Well-conducted surveys of social data, including sexuality, yield invaluable information (National Review)

Voters are increasingly unhappy with government. So why do we keep re-electing the bums? (USA Today)

Insights from the Sutherland team
Swallow, Shurtleff, and a culture of corruption
When I received news that former Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow had been arrested for alleged illegalities associated with their office, I felt a little sick.
Listing sage grouse as endangered would be ‘worst thing for it’
Over its 40-year history, the Endangered Species Act has often caused significant harm to the very species it is supposed to protect by unnecessarily creating adversaries of landowners harboring these species and pre-empting state conservation efforts.
The war on (unborn) women
Whatever you may think about conservative ideas and women’s quality of life, you must admit the conservative perspective gives all women a chance at life – which newly published research suggests is not true for the “progressive” perspective.

Ignoring old truths to create a new reality
It’s easy to win an argument when you invent a new reality. In the case of same-sex marriage, plaintiffs simply argue that a definition of marriage that has existed, culturally and legally, for millennia is an old reality. Proponents of marriage have a tough argument to make. We have to demonstrate a higher purpose for marriage.
So much more to caregiving than government ‘support’
Big-government advocates at AARP tell us that Utah ranks dead last in support for family caregivers. AARP means that Utah ranks last in providing government support for caregivers. The AARP research isn’t news. It’s politics.
Self-selected sample sinks same-sex study
An Australian study about the well-being of children in families headed by same-sex couples has been seized upon as an indication that the children benefit from an ungendered structure that creates “a more harmonious family unit.” But wait a minute, and look deeper.
Thanks, Utah leaders, for careful approach on climate
A Utah Policy Daily post says “half of the nation’s Republican governors are climate change deniers, including Utah Gov. Gary Herbert.” To which an appropriate response is “Thank you, Gov. Herbert.”

On Point video: Utah primaries, hot-topic court rulings
“Holly on the Hill” blogger Holly Richardson is joined by three lawyers to discuss the recent primary elections, the 10th Circuit Court ruling on Utah’s marriage amendment, and two recent Supreme Court decisions.

A list of ‘extremists’ at the World Congress of Families
You may have heard claims that Sutherland Institute will be bringing 3,000 “extremists” and “very dangerous” people to Utah to attend the ninth World Congress of Families. That struck us as odd, given who has attended and spoken at WCF.


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