From: Eric Hutchings
To: Mindy Usher, Scott Jenkins, Daniel Thatcher, Kay Christofferson,
Subject: Re: UCI Meeting on July 22
Date: Wed Jul 16 21:50:08 MDT 2014
Count me in.


From: Mindy Usher <>
Date: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 11:28 AM
To: Scott Jenkins <>, Daniel Thatcher <>, Kay Christofferson <>, DTS <>
Subject: UCI Meeting on July 22

The proposed agenda for the July 22nd meeting regarding UCI is attached.  A tour (approximately 1 hour) of the UCI area at the Draper Site Prison has been arranged for you and will directly follow the meeting on July 22nd.  If you will be able to take part in that tour, please let me know by July 17th so I can arrange security clearance for you.  


Mindy Usher, Executive Assistant
Utah Department of Corrections
Office: 801-545-5513
Fax: 801-545-5717