From: Joe Andrade
To: Bird Bryce, Amanda Smith,
Subject: Utah Air Quality, this am's meeting, and real realities
Date: Wed Jul 16 20:22:40 MDT 2014
Hello. Thanks for all your work.

Some input:
Bryce - no need to continuously reinforce assumptions which reality will likely negate:
"We know the growth is coming..." and " facilitate future production..."
Also no need to put such a positive spin on some numbers and largely ignore the negativity of many others.

You should not soft pedal our serious problems. The legislators are starting to 'get it'. 
You both need to keep gently pushing, prodding them (and yourselves) to the real realities we face.

Senator Jenkins 'revelation' from your biogenic sources slide is a good first step, but then he gets his pollutants confused and misinterprets and uses it to fuel a Federal Lands mismanagement hypothesis. When that happens you have to step forward and sort out the confusion for him - ditto for Senator Okerlund who was also mixing up pollutants. You can't just nod and be silent. 

You really said very little about what needs to be done in the 2015 Legislature, other than the same incremental proposals not passed in 2014. 

Why don't you inform them as to what Paris did during its bad air days: .
And why not let them know about the the new China-IBM partnership for 3 day forecasts followed by very serious restrictions on burning, driving, etc.: , leading to:
"... forecasting to predict the levels of PM2.5 three days in advance. This will better enable the government to shut factories, restrict vehicles and alert citizens."

Legislators and your boss - the Governor - need to know that there are no magic bullets and very little remaining 'low hanging fruit" (Jenkins' favorite phrase).

In fact, the only simple low-hanging fruit is to actively discourage the doubling of the population you are all assuming: .. yes, that means changing most of our 19th Century assumptions about growth, economics, and population. But revelations do happen - generally 'forced' by intractable realities.

Adults are supposed to be able to deal with serious problems - with real realities; fantasy and wishful thinking don't cut it.

Cheers and thanks.

Joe Andrade

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