From: NCSL
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: NCSL LegisBriefs: July 2014
Date: Tue Jul 15 21:07:47 MDT 2014

LegisBrief Shifting Gears: Private Solutions for Senior Transportation
America’s aging population needs transportation options to access shopping, medical care and community services. As policymakers seek transportation solutions for seniors, policies that remove barriers and create incentives to use private resources can play an important role.

LegisBriefElectronic Cigarettes and Alternative Nicotine Products
Electronic cigarettes are making headlines across the country, and e-cigarette sales are estimated to top $2 billion in 2014. State legislative efforts pertaining to the sale and use of e-cigarettes have increased as the products have become more popular and more widely advertised.

LegisBriefNavigating the Challenges of IT Procurement
Information technology is the critical infrastructure that supports government operations and service to citizens. In light of the rapid pace of change in technology, states are reviewing existing IT procurement policies to better align them with industry standards and best practices.

LegisBriefDistrict Offices in State Legislatures
District offices give legislators and their staff a venue to conduct their work, hold meetings and retain close ties to the communities they represent. About a quarter of legislative chambers provide support for district offices through funding and oversight.

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