From: Jim Dabakis
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Former AG Arrests: Pay for Play Remains
Date: Tue Jul 15 16:52:57 MDT 2014
        Jon Swollow
         Mike Shurtliff

PRESS RELEASE: From Senator Dabakis    

Former Utah Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff have been arrested. It is a day of great sorrow and shame for Utah.

But, the problem remains. 'Pay for Play' is still the name of the game, it is the heart of the problem. And nothing has changed.

Utah still has no limits on contributions to campaigns! This needs to end. If the arrest of two Attorneys General does not motivate such a change--it is hard to understand what will.

In Utah, no amount of money from PACs, Corporations, Labor Unions or special interests is too much. No amount of contributions from people or corporations doing business with the state is too much. Utah is only one of three states with such a gaping hole in campaign contributions.

It is a disappointment that the multimillion dollar Dunnigan Special Committee avoided serious solutions to the broader issue by failing to recommend serious campaign finance reform. Unfortunately, so far, the 'honey pot' cash allure of unlimited tainted money is greater then staying clear of, at least, the appearance of conflict.

Jim Dabakis


More information coming soon...
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