From: Morning Consult
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Morning Consult Energy Sunday Edition - Map: State Energy Influence in Washington
Date: Sun Jul 06 19:04:03 MDT 2014





By Emily Holden (@emilyhholden)


As an old Washington adage goes, energy politics are often more about location than partisanship. The theme plays out year after year as Democratic lawmakers from fossil-fuel producing districts join Republicans on oil and gas issues and GOP members support growing renewable energy industries back home.


Having more energy influencers in D.C., from prime committee spots to agency leadership positions, can be key to advancing specific state priorities and getting funding for projects.


A Morning Consult analysis of energy policymakers reveals that California, Illinois, Texas, Ohio and Washington have the greatest representation in the capital. We looked at congressional leaders and members of energy committees and appropriations subcommittees, as well as top spots at federal agencies, including the Energy Department, Interior Department, Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. READ THE FULL STORY AND SEE THE INTERACTIVE MAP.





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Mark Your Calendars (All Times Eastern): July 7 - July 11


Monday: CSIS talk on Mexico's oil and gas sector @ 1:30 pm 

Monday: Senate Energy field hearing on outer continental shelf production @ 2:30 pm 

Tuesday: CSIS release of International Energy Agency medium-term gas market report @ 10 am

Tuesday: Environmental Law Institute call on sustainability @ Noon 

Tuesday: Senate foreign relations hearing on European energy security @ 2:30 pm 
Wednesday: Moms Clean Air Force climate change 'play-in' @ 10 am

Friday: House Energy hearing on state vs. federal environmental policy @ 9:15 am