From: Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Happy Independence Day! - The Real Task is to Renew our Belief in America
Date: Fri Jul 04 20:48:11 MDT 2014


The Real Task is to Renew our Belief in America

By Tom Llewellyn


Rekindle the courage and belief of our people - Our task of restoring the balance between our states and the federal government, will fundamentally restore (not change) America. A free and prosperous future awaits if we have the courage to turn our nation away from the false promises of an all-encompassing big government, as well as the tyrannical bureaucrats and politicians that come with it. We need only restore our country to the limitless opportunity of free enterprise, rekindle belief in ourselves and take pride in what we can contribute.


Confidence and self-determination will win the day - America was built with unbounded confidence of those who cherished freedom, had a solid work ethic and a firm reliance in God. They showed us how to thrive in a society that was founded on an individual's right to self-determination and that cherished and protected the God-given rights of every citizen.


Simply get the government out of the way - We can start by maximizing opportunity for those who want to start or expand a business and eliminate barriers for those who want to be self-reliant. Then free our national resources and unchain America's economic potential by dramatically reducing the burden of government regulations. Have the courts consistently protect private property and have the government stop penalizing the rewards of hard work; then simply get out of the way of those who want to get ahead.


Have faith in what made America great - Let us never forget the courage, character and faith of our founding generations that made it all possible for us to enjoy the freedoms we still have today. Our country is still unmatched in the world, and can be renewed and restored to the original intent of our founding fathers, if we work to apply our unique talents to the task at hand and help build a greater understanding of our free enterprise economic system.   A firm belief in our Creator and courage to stand-up for our God-given founding principles of freedom and self-reliance will see us through to a rejuvenated nation of free, prosperous and independent citizens.   


Tom Llewellyn

Tom is a Co-founder of the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force. He successfully lobbied the Michigan Legislature to pass an application for an Article V Convention to exclusively consider a balanced budget amendment. Tom has been a vocal advocate for a return to our nation's founding principles.



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