From: Envision Utah
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Newsletter.7.3.2014
Date: Thu Jul 03 20:18:50 MDT 2014
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Big Kids, Little City - Ep. 13 : Zoning

How does zoning help to shape the places we live, work and play? Find out in the final episode of our "Big Kids, Little City" series.

Happy Independence Day!

Picture from the Stadium of Fire at LaVell Edwards Stadium. Enjoy a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend with family and friends!

Clear the Air Challenge

This years Clear the Air Challenge just kicked off July 1st. Envision Utah is proud to accept the challenge to drive less and utilize other forms of transportation. Join us!

CLICK HERE to register to #showucair about keeping our air clean.

Bear Association of Governments ASL Mobile Lab

As part of the Your Utah. Your Future. initiative, Envision Utah traveled to Cache Valley to meet with the Bear River Association of Governments.

Utilizing our mobile iPad Advanced Strategy Lab, we spent time listening and finding out opportunities and challenges they see in their region today through 2050.

Utah County Schools Participate in EPA's School Flag Program

The School Flag Program raises public awareness of outdoor air quality conditions using colored flags based on the U.S. EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI). Every day schools in Utah County raise their corresponding flag to display the day's air quality score.