From: Roger Hickey, Campaign for America's Future
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Stop GOP Extortion on Highway Bill
Date: Thu Jul 03 19:55:07 MDT 2014
Campaign for America's Future

This July 4th weekend, millions of Americans will use the nation's highway system. Maybe you are one of them.

When you use an on-ramp to a major highway, you aren’t looking for giant potholes. You’re not worried your tires will be shredded by great gashes or cracks. That’s because the federal government helps fund routine maintenance and upgrades.

But transportation repair work could end in just a few weeks. Conservative ideologues have held up the highway bill, demanding a tax amnesty for corporations that have stashed money overseas.

When the fund goes dry, 700,000 will lose their jobs. This will put millions in danger. On this July 4th weekend we should call these tactics what they are: Unpatriotic.

Please contribute to our campaign to force the Congress to pass a clean Highway Bill that is paid for without gimmicks or cuts.

Have a safe holiday,

Roger Hickey


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