From: Richard Galovan
Subject: Richard Galovan Résumé, interned w/ Rep. Roberts & Greene in House
Date: Thu Jul 03 19:48:31 MDT 2014

    Hope summer is going well for both of you and your family. By now, I'm sure you're fully recovered from the long drives, late-nights and stress of the session. I wanted to thank you for your friendship and taking the time to get to know me during our brief six weeks at the capitol. In case you forgot, I worked with Rep. Roberts & Greene in the House and always wore a brown/tan pinstripe suit. I'm now a BYU grad and searching for a job. Please understand that in no way am I asking you to find me a job, I'm simply working my network and would greatly appreciate you passing along my resume to anyone that could possibly benefit from my skill set. Thanks so much. 


Richard Galovan

Richard Galovan Resume Final.pdf