From: Keri Hunter
To: Keri Hunter,
Subject: REMINDER: Invitation to School Choice Summit Enclosed
Date: Thu Jul 03 17:26:05 MDT 2014

Reminder- send in your registration form.


Good Afternoon:

School choice has been enacted, in various forms, in half the states. Critics and advocates of school choice know that providing families options to choose educational opportunities for their children has captured the nation’s attention. The challenge for state legislators is to be well-informed about school choice, including the policy, fiscal and legal ramifications.

To learn “just the facts” of school choice, the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice* invites you to participate in our School Choice in the American Far West education summit.

This two-day event will bring together up to 35 legislators from across the Far West to learn more about what school choice means to their constituents, their states, and our country. The summit will be held August 10-12, 2014, at the Sheraton in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As a participant, your airfare/mileage and food will be provided.** Hotel room up to 2 nights will be booked, but in accordance with Utah state law, will not be reimbursed by the Friedman Foundation. Please return the enclosed registration form by July 11 to the Friedman Foundation office via fax at (317) 681-0945 or email to Keri Hunter at

Spaces for the summit are limited; hotel reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Please save your receipts for reimbursement as allowed after the summit. I would ask that you plan your travel so that you can attend the entire summit (see enclosed agenda).

If you have any questions, contact Keri Hunter at  or (317) 681-0745.  I sincerely appreciate you considering this invitation, and I hope to see you in Salt Lake City!


Leslie Davis Hiner, Esq

Vice President Programs and State Relations


*The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice is a non-profit, non-partisan, 501c3 charitable organization.  The purpose of this conference is to improve the knowledge and effectiveness of elected officials and to provide research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing education policy issues.  The intent of this conference is not to promote, advocate or oppose the passage, modification, defeat, or executive approval or veto of any contemplated or pending legislation or resolution for compensation.  Nothing presented at this conference shall be construed as lobbying activity.  The goal is to provide in-depth information on school choice that will be relevant to your community, and to provide a forum for legislators from several states to share their knowledge and experience with one another.  


**To the extent permissible by your governing state law, the Friedman Foundation will reimburse conference participants and/or pay directly for food and transportation expenses incurred in connection with this conference in an amount not to exceed $750.00 upon presentation of a written request accompanied by receipts within 60 days after the conclusion of the conference.  Conference participants are responsible for complying with all governing state laws and reporting requirements and should consult with their counsel if they have questions.


Keri Hunter

National Projects Coordinator

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

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Advancing Milton and Rose D. Friedman's vision of school choice for all children.


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