From: Gloria Totten
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Tomorrow: How to build a campaign theme around economic fairness
Date: Tue Jul 01 13:27:59 MDT 2014

Dear Scott,

Every winning campaign needs a compelling theme that acts as the central guiding principle for all communications. It’s your elevator speech. It illustrates the clear contrast between you and your opponent. It answers the question “Why are you running?” It takes hard work to develop a great theme. It depends on the specific nuances of the candidate’s background, the opponent’s record and voters’ top concerns.
For the foreseeable future, most progressive general election campaigns should highlight an economic fairness theme. This is usually the most powerful contrast between progressive and conservative opponents—essentially that we side with the middle class while they side with the rich. Such a populist message works in almost any winnable jurisdiction or election district as long as it is presented in language that voters understand and appreciate.

What: How to talk about Economic Fairness
When:  Wednesday, July 2 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific
Hope you can call in and participate!

Gloria Totten

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