From: Morning Consult
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Morning Consult Energy Sunday Edition: Ohio Legislature Makes Fed Rule Harder
Date: Sun Jun 29 18:00:27 MDT 2014




By Emily Holden (@emilyhholden)


When Ohio suspended a law requiring utilities to meet renewable energy and efficiency standards earlier this month, it didn't just loosen requirements for power companies. It also scaled back what the EPA considers the state’s biggest option for reducing carbon emissions.


The Ohio legislature suspended a 2008 law that required utilities to get 12.5 percent of energy from renewable sources and reduce energy use 22 percent by 2025, arguing it made electricity too expensive for working families and set unrealistic goals.


In its landmark rule released at the beginning of the month, the EPA outlined how much states might choose to rely on four different options to meet individual reduction targets. And in Ohio, the federal agency leaned heavily on renewable energy and electric efficiency, making up nearly 65 percent of Ohio’s reductions from the power sector by 2030.


Stakeholders on both sides of the carbon regulation debate say Ohio’s recent law change will make it more difficult to meet the federal recommendations. And some believe the move highlights a gap in the federal policy: a lack of consideration for state capabilities and political environments. READ THE FULL STORY.



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