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Subject: Fwd: Kindness is Happening!
Date: Sat Jun 28 16:52:32 MDT 2014
Alan and All:
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Subject: Kindness is Happening!

Dear Dad,
Yesterday you asked me if you could forward the birthday email I sent you to everyone in your email address book. ( I know you feel compelled to do that.)  You laughed and said “Then everyone could print the coupon and redeem it.” I of course said no, but… I’ve reconsidered.  I am now in the “Kindness Business” so if any one of your contacts find themselves in my neck of the woods and would like to redeem this coupon, I would be happy to oblige them, if I am home. (I would need a call before they come so I would have time to get baking!)
So… yes Dad, you may forward this email. (The coupon is attached.) If any of your friends are interested to see what my “Kindness Business” is about, maybe they will go to my new website:
And watch this video! :  Ha Ha! Maybe your friends will have some ideas on how to get this program into their local elementary schools!
I love you very much and am glad you had a nice birthday throwing the first pitch at the Raptor’s game!
Jill Trenholm
Jirina s Journey L.L.C.
Good things happen when you practice kindness!