From: Drew Lesofski
Subject: Weekly Sage Grouse News Clippings June 23 - 27
Date: Fri Jun 27 17:03:30 MDT 2014



Weekly Sage Grouse Clippings collated June 23 – 27




Good News for Sage Grouse


American Exploration and Mining Association letter to U.S. Fish and Wildlife


Op-ed: Is Hunting Sage Grouse Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?


Feds to Help Keep Sage Grouse off Threated List


USDA Press Release: USDA Announces Landmark Commitment to Improve Sage-Grouse Habitat




Funding available to improve sage grouse habitat in Idaho



North Dakota


Preserving North Dakota’s Sage Grouse




Commentary: Washoe commissioners support sage grouse compromise


Feds to help keep Sage Grouse off Endangered List


$32 Million for Grouse Habitat Projects Promised


Nevada Gov. Sandoval supports USDA investment in Bi-State Action Plan for Sage-Grouse


South Dakota


Landowners Weigh Option on Sage Grouse




Federal officials approve plan to save sage grouse


BLM Finalizes Lander Recourse Management Plan


BLM director to tout sage grouse effort in Wyoming


Braun: Tough Future for Wyoming Sage Grouse



WGC’s Mission


The Western Grouse Coalition (WGC) is dedicated to preserving our western way of life. We value our public land and are working with a wide range of stakeholder to promote sustainable resource management and development in the sagebrush ecosystem. WGC Understands that conservation and responsible economic develop are not mutually exclusive.


As Westerners, we have a special relationship with the land. We have seen the consequences of Washington, DC driven policies and know they are not a good substitute for decision made with input from those of us who live, work and recreate here.


As the eleven western states that are home to sage grouse face the threat of an Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing for the bird, we are working hard to educate the public and elected officials about the importance of on-the-ground management decision using the best available science. 


To learn more about WGC, please visit our webpage, http://www.westerngrousecoalition.orgor follow us on Twitter @WesternGrouse.