From: Drew Lesofski
Subject: Sage Grouse Protection and Conservation Act Letter of Support - Crescent Point Energy
Date: Fri Jun 27 14:50:51 MDT 2014

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The Western Grouse Coalition (WGC) is pleased to share with you the letter sent to U.S. Representative Gardner (CO-4th) and U.S. Senator Enzi (WY-R) in support of both H.R. 4716 and S. 2394; the Sage Grouse Protection and Conservation Acts, by signed by Cameron Cuch, Vice President of Government Affairs Crescent Point Energy.

Sage Grouse Protection and Conservation Act

·         Allows for state conservation and management of sage grouse and their habitat for 10 years.

·         Prohibits the Secretary from listing the Greater-sage grouse under the ESA if a state submits a ten year conservation and management plan and requires the Secretary to work with states, share critical data, research, and scientific information to assist the states in their efforts to conserve sage grouse and their habitat.

·         Compels the BLM and Forest Service to amend their land use management plans to comply with state sage grouse plans and prevents federal land management agencies from circumventing the states.

·         Insures that the experts who are closest to the land, people, and economy of the state craft balanced plans that recover these birds and continue to allow responsible use of our public lands.

WGC’s Mission:

We’re dedicated to preserving our western way of life. We value our public lands and are working with a wide range of stakeholders to promote sustainable resource management and development in the sagebrush ecosystem.  WGC understands that conservation and responsible economic development are not mutually exclusive.

As Westerners, we have a special relationship with the land.  We have seen the consequences of Washington, DC driven policies and know they aren’t a good substitute for decisions made with input from those of us who live, work, and recreate here.

As the eleven western states that are home to the Greater Sage Grouse face the threat of an Endangered Species Act listing for the bird, we are working hard to educate the public and elected officials about the importance of on-the-ground management decisions using the best available science.



Drew Lesofski



Drew Lesofski

Vice President of  Grassroots and External Affairs

Twitter: @WesternGrouse




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