From: Rebel
To: Val Peterson, Lowry Snow, Stewart Barlow, Steve Eliason, Steve Handy, Spencer J Cox, Ryan D Wilcox, Ronda Menlove, Roger Barrus, Richard Greenwood, Richard Cunningham, Becky Edwards, Rebecca Lockhart, Curt Webb, Paul Ray, Michael E Noel, Merrill Nelson, Melvin Brown, Marc Roberts, Lee Perry, LaVar Christensen, Kraig Powell, Keven John Stratton, Ken Ivory, Keith Grover, Kay Mciff, Kay Christofferson, Jon Stanard, Johnny Anderson, John Westwood, John Knotwell, John G. Mathis, Jim Nielson, Jim Bird, Jeremy Peterson, Jim Dunnigan, Jacob Anderegg, Jack Draxler, Greg Hughes, Gage Froerer, Francis Gibson, Eric Hutchings, Edward Redd, Doug Sagers, Don Ipson, Dixon Pitcher, Derek E Brown, Dean Sanpei, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Dana Layton, Curtis Oda, Craig Hall, Brian Greene, Brad Last, Brad Wilson, Brad Dee, Michael Mckell, Deidre M Henderson, Aaron Osmond, Allen Christensen, Curtis S Bramble, Daniel Thatcher, David Hinkins, Evan Vickers, Howard Stephenson, Jerry Stevenson, John Valentine, Kevin Van Tassell, Lyle Hillyard, Margaret Dayton, Mark Madsen, Ralph Okerlund, Scott Jenkins, Steve Urquhart, Stuart Reid, Stuart Adams, Todd Weiler, Wayne Harper, Wayne Niederhauser,
Subject: Judges gone wild
Date: Wed Jun 25 17:15:12 MDT 2014
Dear Representatives and Senators, The founding fathers never intended for judges to be lawmakers and especially to rule in favor of immorality. Federal judges striking down Utah and Indiana bans on same sex marriage should be barred from ever holding office, secondly as a state we need to stand up to these rouge judges and nullify their decisions as they are the ones out of line with the US Constitution and our Utah Constitution. Think of it ladies and gentlemen, what an asinine system of government it would be if an unelected group of 9 or so judges could turn our system on it's head because they themselves have drank too deeply of the poisonous Kool-Aid of social justice !!! No, this can not be, and as protectors of our liberties, our freedoms, and our God given standard of decency, please don't hide in the closet of judicial overreach. It is time for some legislative rebellion, it's time to kick some judges butts!!!! Allan Hales Salem Ut