To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: One Step Closer To Republican Victory
Date: Wed Jun 25 06:49:34 MDT 2014
For Immediate Release

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Contact: Julian Babbitt
             (435) 574-1560

One Step Closer To Republican Victory

Republican candidates advanced to the general election in primary contests held throughout the state this Tuesday. The level of support for Republican candidates this cycle and the amount of commitment by the Utah Republican Party points toward GOP successes at all levels this November.

"I would like to congratulate all of our candidates who participated in Tuesday's primary elections," said Chairman James Evans. "All of our candidates worked very hard throughout the convention and primary season; and we appreciate their service to the Republican Party. I look forward to working with our nominees as we continue to grow our Party's strength throughout the state."

The following candidates secured the GOP nomination in Tuesday's primary elections:

Jacquie Nielsen, Senate District 2
Evan Vickers, Senate District 28
Justin Fawson, House District 7
Ray Ward, House District 19
Brad Daw, House District 60
John Westwood, House District 72

P.S. Have you become a Sustaining Member in the Utah Republican Party yet? Click HERE to join hundreds of other Republicans who have joined our Sustaining Memberhip program, providing essential support for our party as we gear up for the general election in November!
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