From: Jim Dabakis
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Thank you!
Date: Mon Jun 23 21:00:57 MDT 2014
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Hi, Friends!
This is my first weekly Senate update.
Thanks for letting me have the most exciting, exhilarating job I have ever had. I love it! Being a Senator is awesome and it is only your kindness that allows me the privilege!

 Of course, I am running for re-election. I don't take a penny from lobbyists, corporations, or special interests. So I need your help to get our message out.

Here is an update on a few things I am working on:
Save the Tribune: There is nothing more passionate in my life now then making sure Utah has TWO major newspaper voices. (Sorry--equality, clean air, Canyonlands, immigration, Medicaid Expansion, public lands, Stephen, etc). But if we lose an independent Tribune, we lose all of the above (except maybe Stephen)
On Monday, I am heading to DC with Pulitzer finalist Pat Bagley and Joan O’Brien ( Two and a half days of meetings with several Senators, lots of national media and the US Department of Justice. I will keep you posted.
Greater Canyonlands: I got queasy last week as we approached Canyonlands on Highway 313 and saw oil wells churning and so many oil tankers lining up. Five more drilling sites have just been approved. I raged as I heard that our state owned land in Greater Canyonlands is being used to drill test potash holes. What comes after the test drilling? Countless roads and creepy, corporate evaporation ponds? Is nothing sacred? This is one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth - sights 175 million years in the making. Will it be destroyed for a moments profit? Will the sacred stewardship Utah has to protect this holy land be flushed for the sake of 29 pieces of silver? Shame on us. No drilling. No testing. No poking on Greater Canyonlands. NONE!
Mesa Arch at Canyonlands National Park.
Medicaid Expansion: Scene 1 (in the Oval Office). Obama and Herbert:

President Obama: Governor, I have a 432 million dollar check for you to cover Medicaid Expansion for 123,000 Utah economically challenged families at no cost to the state. 
Governor Herbert: I have my own plan - “Healthy Utah” a.k.a. “Un-ObamaCare”. I won't take your common sense plan, Mr President, because the GOP legislature would rather get hemorrhoids then take ObamaCare.
President Obama: But, Sir, your citizens have already paid in. My offer stands. 123,000 Utahns covered. $432 million dollars.
Governor Herbert: Lets negotiate. How about 75,000 Utahns covered, $200 million dollars and we add a few tougher rules for Utah families?
President Obama: Governor, are you sure you want LESS coverage and LESS money for Utahns?
Governor Herbert: “We know best what's good for Utahns.”    
My family: A big family surprise this week.
Newest member of the Dabakis family Sasha. Stephen and I adopted her at a festival. She is a fabulous 5 year old spayed chihuahua.  She loves cuddling, making new friends, and long walks on the front yard.

*Joint adoption pending approval by Attorney General Reyes.
A week after we took Sasha home, she got a little sick. She ran off to a closet. In the morning, there was a surprise with our 'spayed' new friend.... Somebody has some 'splaining to do at SL County Animal Services.
Thanks for reading this far. Send me an email and I will send you some money. Be sure and include your mailing address. My staff is betting we only get three emails. That no one will get this far down. 
See you next week. Here on email. Be sure and VOTE in the primary on June 23.

All the best,

P.S. B
e sure and vote for my friend Weston Clark for SLC School Board on June 23.
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