From: NCSL
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: NCSL LegisBriefs: June 2014
Date: Thu Jun 19 20:16:26 MDT 2014

LegisBrief Gifts of Hospitality
When it comes to gifts, legislators must be aware of what they cannot receive, lobbyists must be aware of what they cannot give, and both must be aware of what they must disclose. Even clear-cut provisions can be accompanied by extenuating circumstances that allow for certain kinds of gift giving and receiving.

LegisBriefWill Small Modular Reactors Transform the Nuclear Industry?
Growing demand and a drive to use low-emission technologies bode well for the future of domestic nuclear energy. But an aging reactor fleet, rising costs and safety concerns all pose challenges for the industry. Small Modular Reactors offer the potential to mitigate some of these challenges.

LegisBriefArts in Education
A well-balanced education is essential to ensuring that students are prepared to enter the workforce. The benefits of arts education are even more dramatic in schools where family income and achievement levels are low. Despite challenges, states are creating conditions that support arts education.

LegisBriefHelping Smokers Quit Improves Health and Budgets
Smoking-related diseases afflict more than 16 million Americans, making tobacco the nation’s leading cause of preventable death and disease. In an effort to reduce both the human and financial costs, many state policymakers are pursuing programs proven to help smokers quit.

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