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Subject: The Typical Household with Student Loan Debt
Date: Thu Jun 19 14:48:18 MDT 2014
This week: Beth Akers examines the typical household with student loan debt.

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► June 19, 2014
Brown Center on Education Policy
The Typical Household with Student Loan Debt
Family at their home.

In light of the numerous media accounts of severely distressed student loan borrowers, Beth Akers examines the financial condition of the typical American borrower and finds that on average, payments on student loans account for a relatively small share of earnings.
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Matthew Chingos is quoted in a FORTUNE article about the Obama administration’s announcement of changes to the student loan repayment program Pay-As-You-Earn.

Chingos’s research related to the “undermatching” of high-achieving, low-income students is cited extensively in a Chronicle of Higher Education article on the topic.

Beth Akers’s recent paper about the financial well-being of student loan borrowers is included on a “reading list” of material necessary to understand the state of student loans on the Washington Post’s Wonkblog. 

Akers is quoted in an Al Jazeera America piece about Starbucks’ new plan to provide tuition assistance to some employees. Akers is also quoted in an Augusta Chronicle editorial about President Obama’s Pay-As-You-Earn expansion.

Tom Loveless’s investigation of the Shanghai-PISA controversy is cited in a Washington Post Monkey Cage post likening current education reform to the “New Math” reforms of the 1950s.

Loveless is also quoted in a Daily Gazette column on the Common Core.


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