From: American Lands Council
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: June 18, 2014 - Three Minute Messenger
Date: Wed Jun 18 15:35:52 MDT 2014
American Lands Council

June 18, 2014
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  • For those of you in MT, ALC President Ken Ivory will be privileged to be the Keynote Speaker at the MT GOP Convention this weekend and would love to meet you! Senator Jennifer Fielder will also be there, ready to answer your questions and how the Transfer of Public Lands applies in MT. See you there!

  • Have you sent the Candidate Questionnaire to at least one of your local candidates? (Be sure and download it first, THEN fill it out and attach in an email to ALC.

  • Dear Scott,


     This past month, Forbes Magazine did another excellent article laying out the importance of transferring the public lands out of the hands of the federal government and into the waiting arms of our local western states.   


    Please take a moment to become familiar with this article and then share it with at least 10 of your contacts.  As more people become educated about the facts concerning the public lands, they stop believing the misleading headlines put out by those who would have states lose their sovereignty that was guaranteed us in our nation's Constitution.

    P.S. Could you spare $10 today to help us fund our education campaign?  Donate today to stand with the American Lands Council as we move this work forward!

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