From: Scott Blankenship
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Your opinion about online petitions
Date: Tue Jun 17 18:35:45 MDT 2014
Dear Scott Jenkins and Senior Staff,

I'm the founder of a new calling advocacy platform and I'm conducting research on the effectiveness of online petitions.

Many senior staffers I've spoken with have mentioned that online petitions are either drastically discounted in value or completely ignored, for the primary reason that the receiving office has no way to filter out and verify who's a constituent and who's not.

I wanted to reach out to your office's senior staff members and get your opinion on the matter.

Are online petitions essentially an ineffectual way to communicate with your office? Is calling a more effective method to influence your policy decisions, especially if the individual calling were to be pre-verified as a constituent beforehand?

Any comments, feedback and response would be very helpful. Thank you for your time, and the contribution your team is making for the good of our country!

Thank you in advance,

Scott Blankenship