From: Sparton
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Making Mid-Lifecycle Design Changes Effective
Date: Tue Jun 17 13:07:55 MDT 2014
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Conquering Complexity: Making Mid-Lifecycle Design
Changes Effective

For too long, replacing key components during the mid-lifecycle design refresh has been considered too costly and burdensome. But as the rate of technological change continues to increase, so does the need to add capabilities before the next generation of product. In our white paper, "Re:Vision: A New Paradigm for Mid-Lifecycle Design Changes," we explore when and why mid-lifecycle component change makes sense.

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Read Our White Paper to Learn:

• What the traditional barriers to change are
• The efficiencies gained by making the right component changes
• How the right partner can optimize your outcomes

Read "Re:Vision: A New Paradigm for Mid-Lifecycle Design Changes.”


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