From: Lauren Rodman
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Two Upcoming Webinars: Natural Gas Pipelines, Small Modular Reactors
Date: Mon Jun 16 17:38:15 MDT 2014

Increasing Natural Gas Pipeline Safety
Wednesday, June 18 | 3 pm ET/ 2 pm CT/ 1 pm MT/ Noon PT

The issue of leaking natural gas pipelines and their impacts on safety are front page stories on a monthly basis. While it is widely acknowledged that pipeline infrastructure in certain parts of the country is decades past its "replace by" date, multiple factors including cost, overlapping jurisdiction and public impacts slow down this process. This webinar will explore how utilities are planning to overcome these obstacles and bring the natural gas pipeline system into the 21st century.

  • Bruce L. Paskett, Principal Compliance Engineer, NW Natural
  • Senator Michael Jacobs, Illinois; Chair of the Senate Energy Committee

Small Modular Reactors (SMR)

Thursday, June 19 | 3 pm ET/ 2 pm CT/ 1 pm MT/ Noon PT

Large commercial nuclear reactors generate 20% of the nation's electricity and contribute 60% of the nation's carbon-free electricity. Growing demand and a drive to use low-emission technologies bode well for the future of the domestic nuclear energy industry. However, an aging reactor fleet, rising costs, safety concerns, and increasing pressure from low-cost natural gas pose challenges. Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) offer the potential to mitigate some of these challenges. This webinar will explore state and federal efforts to support development of SMR technologies.

  • Tim Beville, Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy
  • Representative Cathrynn Brown, New Mexico
  • Mike McGough, NuScale Power
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