From: HealthWatch 360
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Good Nutrition for a Good Life
Date: Mon Jun 16 16:21:01 MDT 2014
GB HealthWatch

GB HealthWatch

Are you eating right for a good life?

If you don’t sleep well, have low back pain or are struggling with your weight, the right nutrition can help.

The following nutrients are often deficient in the American diet:

Nutrient Symptoms of Deficiency
calcium back pain
poor sleep
vitamin D severe back pain
muscle weakness
folate gray hair
cardiovascular disease

The following nutrients are often over-consumed in the American diet:

Nutrient Symptoms of Deficiency
total energy (calories) obesity
type 2 diabetes
sodium hypertension
saturated fat high cholesterol
heart disease

HealthWatch 360 can help you quickly find out how well you are meeting nutrition goals recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Download the HealthWatch 360 app now and find out how you can improve your nutrition for a good life.


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