To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: How Government's Using Behavioral Economics to Get People to Make Better Decisions
Date: Mon Jun 16 12:24:43 MDT 2014

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Localities Want More Say in Transportation Spending

Two years ago, Congress cut local leaders' role in deciding how federal money should be spent.

The Complexities of Taxing the Cloud

Cloud sales are expected to generate billions in revenue this year, but state and local governments are unsure whether they can (and how they would) tax them.

Can Kentucky Stop Nonprofits from Abandoning Pension Obligations?

The Kentucky Retirement System -- the worst-funded in the nation -- is appealing a ruling that allowed a nonprofit to leave the state with its unfunded pension liabilities.


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Percent of Americans who are neither “consistently liberal” nor “consistently conservative," marking a 20-year low of people who fall in the middle of the ideological spectrum.

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June 16, 2014

How Government's Using Behavioral Economics to Get People to Make Better Decisions

Federally funded projects in several states and localities are testing ways to use convenience and peer pressure to get prison inmates and people who owe child support to make better decisions.


Today's Headlines from Around the Nation

County Votes to Demolish Historic 'Deep Throat' Garage
Gay Rights Group Endorses Charlie Crist
California Passes Optimistic $156.4-Billion Budget
Health & Human Services
California Urges Vaccines to Combat Whooping Cough Epidemic
Vermont Sued over GMO Labeling Law
Governor of Georgia Wants to Fix Child and Family Services
Infrastructure & Environment
Washington State's Governor Orders State Agencies to Study Oil Spill Risks
Management & Labor
Obama Intervenes to Stop Philadelphia Rail Strike
Public Safety & Justice
Localities Can't Pass Distracted Driving Laws, North Carolina Court Rules
Kansas School Funding Law Meets Mandate, Judges Say
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