From: Utah State Democratic Party
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Primary Colors
Date: Fri Jun 13 19:08:33 MDT 2014
June 2014 - Newsletter

Letter from the Chair

Hello Democrats!

There’s an exchange from the movie Primary Colors that I’ve been thinking about recently.  In the first debate of a heated presidential primary, Jack Stanton, the main character, praises an opponent’s idea.  The opponent, Lawrence Harris, incredulously responds, Excuse me, Jack, but what, if anything, are you against?” To which Jack says, “'I’m against doing nothing while people are suffering. I'm against going against any idea that might help because it isn't my idea. Senator, you have met these people. You have looked into their eyes. Are you saying we should do nothing to help unless we come up with it?”

Jack says is really ringing true for me as I hear the stories around the issue of Medicaid Expansion, and our ongoing struggle to bring affordable and accessible healthcare to all Utahns.  As the Republicans in the House and Senate stand in staunch ideological opposition to anything relating to President Obama, or Democrats in general, I wonder what they think when they hear the stories their constituents share with them about critical care delayed, crippling medical bills, and devastating and preventable medical conditions going untreated.  

To paraphrase a bit, Senators and Representatives, you have met these people.  You have looked into their eyes.  How can you say we should do nothing?

But, even though our Republican elected officials sometimes stand in the way of progress, and even what they know is right, we have the power to change that.  We can vote them out.  

In many areas of the state, including Salt Lake, San Juan, and Summit Counties, there are Democrats in primaries who need you to turn out.  And in the municipal races, for school board and other offices, there are hard-working and well-deserving candidates who need your help to make a difference in their communities.  Mail-in ballots have landed, early voting has begun, and the primary election day is June 24, 2014.  Visit to get more information about your polling or early vote location, or to look up the candidates on your ballot.  If you’ve already voted, help us get others to do the same – sign up for a voter registration shift, and let’s get more voices heard in this state.

Primaries are important. They set the stage for the big show in November, and that is where we can really make some noise, really make some changes, and start doing something when we know full well people are suffering.   Get involved, volunteer, and most importantly, vote!

With best wishes, 

Peter Corroon

Voter Registration Update

You’ve been hearing a lot about voter registration from the Utah Democratic Party, but is it making a difference? YES! Here is why:

We are on the warpath to register 20,000 new voters by Election Day!  Of our 12,000 newly registered voters, a 3 to 1 ratio are Democrats. 72.3% of them are registering to vote by mail. Over 29.57% are Hispanic/Latino.

How does this matter?  In 2012, Rep. Larry Wiley won House District 31 with 77 vote. Today, over 276 new Democratic voters have been signed up to vote in his district. House District 33, Democrat Liz Muniz lost by just 452 votes in the year of the Mitt Romney wave. Today, over 350 new Democrats are signed up to vote in her district, most of them by mail!

We know the swing districts, and here is where our new votes lie: 

We need your help to make this program a success.  To date, we’re actively trying to raise another $125,000 to make sure our new voters turn out to vote!  Can you make a donation today?  Also, registering voters needs people pounding the pavement, volunteering at festivals and parades, getting their friends and family involved.  Can you help?  Email Kelly Nickel ( to volunteer!

UDP at the DLCC in DC for the GVP

It looks like alphabet soup, but it's actally a big deal! The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee provides support to get Democrats elected in state legislature and state offices across the country - and we here in Utah know how important that work is.  This election cycle, the DLCC is partnering up with the states to provide training and support for field organizers on the ground all over the country - and we were thrilled to have our four RFOs working with them in DC! They came back full of knowledge, fired up, and ready to go!  

GVP MSNBC profile


Democrats came from all over the state to support our LGTBQ brothers and sisters at Pride this year!  Our intrepid Regional Field Organizers worked hard all weekend, manning the booth, walking the parade route, and bringing in an incredible 694 of voter registration forms in  a single day!  Congrats to them, and to all who celebrated equality, inclusivity, and the diversity that makes Utah such a great place to live! Click here to watch the slideshow from the event!

Entitled to Life 

You’ve probably heard these stats before, but we are sending $796,789 a day to other opted-in states like Arizona, New Jersey, and Arkansas.  Our tax dollars should be here, in Utah, working to get affordable health care to all our citizens, and lowering costs for everyone.  

A new documentary is making some waves on the issue of Medicaid Expansion.  It’s called Entitled to Life, and it was made by a local filmmaker who received a lifesaving kidney transplant while on Medicaid, and who knows the importance of expanding access to affordable health care.  Take a look, and share with your networks! 

Now Hiring 

It was recently announced that, under President Obama’s leadership, the economy has now regained all of the jobs it lost in the recession.  And we’re hiring too!  We’re seeking an awesome, engaging, dedicated Latino Outreach Director!  If that’s you, or you know that person, read more and apply here!

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