From: Trenholm
To: orme, fitz,
Subject: Lost in wilderness - - Utah's BLM suit more posturing, Salt Lake Tribune, June 11 editorial
Date: Fri Jun 13 15:52:53 MDT 2014
 State officials are correct.  "The feds are illegally closing off leasing and road-building in areas that aren't wilderness" on both BLM and Forest Service administered lands.
Your editorial states that Reagan signed the Utah Wilderness Act of 1984, a bill signed by Utah Republican Sens. Jake Garn and Orrin Hatch to set aside 750,000 acres of national forest land in Utah as wilderness in a compromise that also freed other forest lands for development.
That was true, however, you failed to mention the 2001 Roadless Rule that, for all practical purposes, eliminated active forest management on half (4 million acres out of 8 million acres) of National Forest System lands in Utah, in addition to those areas already designated wilderness.  Many of these so called roadless areas contained roads and was the result of wrongdoing by the Clinton/Gore/Glickman/Lyons/Dombeck Administration.
In my view, "Utah's BLM suit is more (than) posturing."  Many of these lands do not have "wilderness characteristics."  They contain long existing roads that the BLM can not, will not or has yet to recognize.
In my years of reading about natural resource issues "By the Tribune Editorial Board," you seem to be on the side of SUWA and the Sierra Club.  That is, all of, or most of, these public lands be undeveloped (Managed by God, rather than God and Man).
Active management of our public lands and our renewable resources (wood, water, forage, wildlife and recreation) is essential if we are to protect, manage and use them over time.  It is a shame to go to Home Depot and buy a pine stair tread, made in China, while our unmanaged wood and forage burn in Utah.
Peace and Understanding,
Jim Trenholm
Forest Service, retired
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Subject: Public land scam - - Politicians want fight, not answers. Salt Lake Tribune editorial, June 5, 2014

 Ladies and Gentlemen:

"Public land scam - - Politicians want fight, not answers."  These headlines in today's Salt Lake Tribune editorial, unfortunately are so true.  State Rep. Ken Ivory, former Attorney General John Swallow, United States Representative Rob Bishop and others, pulled Governor Gary Herbert into supporting the "indefensible and ridiculous" 2012 Utah Transfer of Public Lands act (HB148).

The 2001 Roadless Rule, enacted in the final days of the Clinton/Gore Administration was also "indefensible and ridiculous (and unlawful)"  In July 2003, Federal Judge Clarence Brimmer correctly ruled that it violated the National Environmental Policy Act and the Wilderness Act.  George W. Bush and his appointees, it seems, kept it around to fight over for the remainder of their two terms.

My hopes and prayers are that Western Governors will get with President Obama and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack and restore "Caring for the Land Serving People" to the USDA - Forest Service:

Peace and Understanding,

Jim Trenholm
4531 South 1675 West
Roy, Utah 84067

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Subject: Fwd: States that don't protect laws against same-sex marriage drifting toward "anarchy," Herbert says.

Western Governors' Association
1600 Broadway
Suite 1700 Denver CO 80202

Ladies and Gentlemen:

A copy of the forwarded letter in enclosed as copies of June 1, 2014 Salt Lake Tribune and Standard-Examiner letters to the editor.

Also enclosed:

May 21 letter to Governor Herbert, I handed to him in Ogden on that date.  It was previously a February 3 letter to Governor Herbert, Regional Forester Rasure and BLM State Director Palma.
Included in it was a Dilbert cartoon with Q & A, June 29, 2011 letter to me from President Obama and my June 13, 2003 appeal of the Wasatch-Cache NF Plan Revision put together by Tom Tidwell, now Chief of the Forest Service.  There seems to be no effective communication link between Regional Foresters, Secretary of Agriculture and the President of the United States.

"Roadless Ruckus" an April 29, 2004 Sublette Examiner article by Cat Urbigkit 

May 7, 2004 letter from former Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal thanking Cat Urbigkit, the Sublette Examiner, Harriet Hageman and me for helping him "set the record straight" with regard to Judge Brimmer's 2003 roadless rule decision.

I commend the Western Governors' Association for working together across state lines and across party lines on your 30th anniversary and my best wishes are with you in your upcoming annual meeting.

Peace and Understanding,

Jim Trenholm

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Subject: States that don't protect laws against same-sex marriage drifting toward "anarchy," Herbert says.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Governor Gary Herbert recently stated, "States that don't protect laws against same-sex marriage drifting toward 'anarchy.'"  Is that really so?

What about Utah passing a law demanding that the USDI-BLM and USDA-FS "give back" federally administered lands to the state?  Is anarchy already here?

It seems that Ken Ivory, John Swallow, Rob Bishop and the like, have gotten Utah into an indefensible and ridiculous position.  Utah counties suing the Department of interior for road access on BLM lands is another matter.  Access is necessary if we are to protect, manage and use our public lands and their abundant resources, particularity renewable resources (wood, water, forage, wildlife and recreation). BLM Districts and Utah Counties should be able to jointly manage lands and roads, with roads being under the jurisdiction of the counties.
There are approximately eight million acres of National Forest System lands in Utah, four million of which are called roadless areas, although they may contain hundreds of miles of roads.  Adding these roadless areas to already designated wilderness areas leaves little NFS lands available for active resource management.
County Commissioners, Forest Service District Rangers and BLM District Managers should be able to agree on road systems that serve the needs of all the people.  And the results should be agreed upon by Utah Governor Gary Herbert, BLM State Director Juan Palma and Regional Forester Nora Rasure.  Governor Herbert may have to involve President Obama and the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to allow this to happen. 

By working together let us see what we can do to again make the Forest Service and BLM functional in "Caring for the land and serving people."

Jim Trenholm
Roy, Utah