From: American Lands Council
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: June 11, 2014 - Three Minute Messenger
Date: Wed Jun 11 15:31:56 MDT 2014
American Lands Council

June 11, 2014
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  • Let your local, state, and national representatives know that the Transfer of Public Lands is an important topic to you and encourage them to pursue initiatives and legislation to make TPL a reality.

  • Dear Scott,


     So far 2014 has been a year ripe with success for the Transfer of Public Lands! Many states in the West have created committees to study the Transfer of Public Lands and Utah's legislative session brought 13 new transfer-related laws into effect.


    We at American Lands Council are excited to see legislative leaders coming forward to make the Transfer of Public Lands a reality. Below is a clip from The County Seat that summarizes the efforts that were made in Utah this legislative session. 


    Also, if you want to find out more information about TPL bills that passed in Utah this year you can also watch Overview of Utah's HB 164, Overview of Utah's HB 133, and Overview of Utah's HB 158

    Utah 2014 TPL Legislation Overview
    Utah 2014 TPL Legislation Overview
    This and other complete episodes of The County Seat can be found at

    P.S. Generous donations from people like you allow us to continue to educate the leaders who can make the Transfer of Public Lands a reality.  Donate today so we can keep it up!
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