From: Adrian Courtenay
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Report links second Chinese military unit to international cyber attacks
Date: Wed Jun 11 12:35:56 MDT 2014
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June 11, 2014


Report links second Chinese military unit to international cyber attacks


In a new report released earlier this week from Crowdstrike, security researchers have linked a Chinese military unit to cyber attacks against U.S. companies and government agencies. Just last month, the Justice Department indicted five individuals of the Chinese army, accusing them of attacks on U.S. companies. In light of these, and other recent reports about hacking risks, some researchers are emphasizing the importance of taking security precautions including watching out for phishing attacks, and using solutions that can provide organizations with improved intel and even block attacks.

Phishing attacks are a type of Internet fraud that seek user's credentials by deception. They can lead to theft of passwords, credit card numbers, bank account details and other confidential information. "Clever spear phishing attacks are really hard to detect.  More 

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) made 95 major disaster and fire declarations last year. In 2012, FEMA declared 112 major disasters and fires, including Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Isaac, and the High Park and Waldo Canyon wildfires. This is nearly double the number of disaster declarations made only two decades ago.

Despite the frequency of severe weather, a new survey released by Allstate shows people may not be as prepared as they should be for the next big storm. Ninety-two percent of Americans surveyed have lived through a disaster. Seven percent of the people polled say they or someone in their family was injured when a disaster impacted their community.  More

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI); the Department of Justice's Office of Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT); and the Department of State's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement hosted a human trafficking training conference for federal and state prosecutors, investigators and immigration officials June 3rd through 5th in Cancun, Mexico.  More 


Falls Church, VA-based Irving Burton Associates' (IBA) In Case of Crisis has announced that Providence College has selected its emergency management mobile app. Launching during the fall of 2014, In Case of Crisis will provide Providence College's 5000+ faculty, staff, and students -- living on or off-campus -- and its 100-acre campus community with dynamic, real-time emergency plans, and procedures and incident reporting capabilities during emergencies.

The mobile app will provide guidance on specific situations, offering step-by-step actions to take in cases of fire, severe weather and other emergencies. With an advanced incident reporting feature, the app will help the campus community communicate information quickly and provide an anonymous environment for students to ask questions or seek help.  More    

Weymouth, MA-based ELERTS Corp., a provider of mobile communication for emergency response, and the ALICE Training Institute, the foremost active shooter response program, have entered into an exclusive agreement to improve response options during emergency events.

ELERTS develops mobile security solutions for academic, corporate, hospital and mass transit systems. Leveraging the popularity of smartphones and the power of crowd-sourcing, ELERTS apps enable rapid, shared communication when seconds count.  More 


Washington, D.C.-based The Halifax Group has announced that it has completed, in partnership with management, the acquisition of U.S. Environmental Services (USES). USES is a provider of non-discretionary environmental and industrial services, including emergency response services, industrial cleaning and other recurring maintenance services to refineries, petro-chemical plants, owners of bulk storage terminals, and marine and rail transportation companies.  More    

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