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Subject: Your PEHP » Open Enrollment Ends Friday
Date: Tue Jun 10 21:41:10 MDT 2014

Your Money

Don't Wait Another Year to Start Building Your Healthcare Nest Egg

The vast majority of State employees are better off financially on The STAR Plan, claims analyses consistently show. That's probably why more than 95% of State employees who chose The STAR Plan stick with it the following plan year. Don't miss out on your employer HSA contribution another year. Give The STAR Plan some serious thought before Open Enrollment ends Friday, June 13.

» See How One State Employee Decided to Make the Leap to The STAR Plan
» State of Utah Employees Build Sizable Savings in HSAs
» Enroll Now

Did you know you can have a Dependent Day Care FLEX$ Account with an active HSA? Call PEHP FLEX$ at 801-366-7503 or 800-753-7703 for details.

Your Benefits

Open Enrollment Ends Friday, June 13

Open enrollment, the time to enroll in or make changes to your benefits, ends Friday. This is your opportunity to review your current selections and consider changes.

» See Your Current Selections and Make Changes
» State of Utah Open Enrollment Guide
» Remember, you have to re-enroll in FLEX$ each year. Enroll Now

Your Health & Wellness

Men: Know Your Recommended Screenings

In June the nation observes Men's Health Month. The importance of receiving regular health screenings is a key message of the campaign. Are you aware of the types of screenings recommended for you? Checkup and Screening Guidelines for Men and Women.

» PEHP Wellness: Focus on Health and Vitality

Which Network is Best for You? See Cost Considerations for Picking Your Network.



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