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To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Take on your next project with confidence
Date: Tue Jun 10 13:42:36 MDT 2014

Project management: Get projects done within budget and on time
June 11, 2014 • 2 – 3:15 p.m. Central Time

Dear Manager,


You've been assigned a project, a team and a deadline!

Are you ready for the work, the interpersonal drama—and the overtime?

It doesn't have to be a disaster! You can organize projects and get them done within budget, on time.

Learn how in this new ManageBetter webinar featuring leading consultant and project manager Valerie Grubb.

Get step-by-step instructions to lead projects from planning through completion.

You'll learn to:

  • Meet your budget and your schedule every time
  • Corral support across the organization before, during and after your project
  • Develop deliverables in line with company goals
  • Inventory the skills, knowledge, personality, availability and experience of your project team
  • Avoid workplace drama through effective team leadership
  • Organize and set goals and track progress—without fancy software
  • Hold employees accountable with 5 front-line techniques
  • Avoid the 5 most common project-management mistakes
  • Recover quickly when things get off track
  • ...and much more!

Register for this webinar, and confidently accept your next project.


Kristin Farmer
Content Producer
Ragan Communications Inc. and ManageBetter.Biz

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