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Happy Monday

A federal judge struck down Wisconsin's gay marriage ban, saying that state officials need to learn a few things about the history of marriage, i.e. that plural marriage is actually more traditional over time. "As an initial matter, defendants and amici have overstated their argument," wrote Judge Barbara Crabb. "Throughout history, the most 'traditional' form of marriage has not been between one man and one woman, but between one man and multiple women, which presumably is not a tradition that defendants and amici would like to continue."

Topping the news: New records show an aide to John Swallow trying to cover-up the backhand deals with Jeremy Johnson. [Trib]

-> Jon Huntsman Sr. said he might be interested in purchasing The Salt Lake Tribune in the future because he believes the valley needs at least two newspapers but that the Justice Department has put a hold on any negotiations. [Trib] [DNews] [Fox13]

-> Salt Lake County leaders are urging the Legislature to reconvene and pass Gov. Gary Herbert's alternative plan to expand Medicaid in the state because without it, county taxpayers would end up footing a substantial bill. [Trib]

-> Sen. Orrin Hatch says he may seek an eighth term but if he did so, and won, he wouldn't be the oldest senator to serve. There've been plenty others. [Trib]

Tweet of the day: From @CIA: "We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet."

-> From @SenRandPaul: "Mr. President, let's set up a new trade. Instead of 5 Taliban, let's trade 5 Democrats!"

-> From @AdamSerwer: "ha ha it's funny because the Taliban would kill them get it ha ha"

Happy Birthday: To Dave Gessel, executive VP for the Utah Hospital Association.

Opinion section: George Pyle compares the dismay of Utah officials with President Barack Obama's efforts in reducing carbon pollution to those who first rejected efforts to end slave labor and poor working conditions in mines. [Trib]

-> Check out Pat Bagley's cartoon depicting the value of The Salt Lake Tribune in exposing Utah political scandals. [Trib]

-> Paul Burke, Brett Tolman and John Mackay, who led a group of lawyers representing the Utah Pride Center in challenging parts of the Defense of Marriage Act, say they expect full marriage equality nationwide by the end of June and are proud of Utah citizens for their efforts in celebrating Pride Day. [Trib]

-> Terry Wood, co-chair of Utah Unites for Marriage, says he hopes the 10th Circuit will "do the right thing" and legalize same-sex marriage. [Trib]

-> Brandon Beckham, director of Keep Our Caucus, says Utahns need to be educated on the caucus voting system because, despite initiatives like Count My Vote, once citizens learn the advantages of a caucus they prefer it to a direct primary. [Trib]

-> Paul Rolly also says the Count My Vote initiative isn't over, despite legislation passed this year, because Republican groups threaten to repeal the bill. [Trib]

-> Karen Schwartz-Clover, who worked as a speech-language pathologist in the Wasatch School District, discusses the dangers of shaming young girls about their clothing choices in regards to the Wasatch High School yearbook incident. [Trib]

-> Roger Beattie and Michael Steel, both with the Utah State Fair Corp., say the state fair is located exactly where it should be "in the heart of our capital city on North Temple" and should not be moved elsewhere. [Trib]

-> Erme Catino, a journalist and skier in Salt Lake City, argues the plan to unite seven ski resorts in Utah with "One Wasatch" is not to benefit skiers, but rather to help with marketing. [Trib]

-> Michael Lyons, a professor of political science at Utah State University, counters Kirk Jowers op-ed suggesting that a political alliance between the young and the wise is unlikely. [Trib]

-> Dan Strong, on behalf of the Rose Park Community Council, says people misconceive Rose Park as a "run-down neighborhood," when in actuality it's "idyllic scene" with parks, festivals and a sense of community. [Trib]

-> LaVarr Webb and Frank Pignanelli discuss current hot-button issues in Utah, including Salt Lake City fireworks, the Days of '47 Parade organizer's exclusion of Mormons Building Bridges and yearbook editing at Wasatch High School. [DNews]

-> Former Sen. Bob Bennett praises Maureen Dowd for highlighting the concerns with legalizing marijuana [DNews]

Weekend in review: If you missed the Utah Pride Parade this weekend, take a look at this coverage that includes videos and photos. [Trib] [DNews] [KUTV] [KSL] Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker also held a reception for the Utah couples married in the 17-day legal window for same-sex marriage. [Trib]

-> A Salt Lake City police officer was put on leave after allegedly refusing to work at the Pride Parade. [Trib] [DNews] [KUTV] Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said he is upset by the officer's decision not to serve and suggests he needs to "be in a different profession." [Fox13]

-> Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman says he's keeping his options open for the future but won't say whether he's running for president in 2016. [KUTV]

-> The same-sex couples who are plaintiffs in the case against the Utah ban are asking the federal appeals court to withhold the state's request for a stay. [Trib] [DNews]

-> This weekend marked the 70th anniversary of D-Day when ally troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, France in World War II. [Trib]

-> The Huntsman Cancer Institute broke ground on a new research wing focused on child cancers. [Trib] [DNews] [KUTV]

-> Voting and registration for the Utah primaries this month got a few shake ups with mail-in votes for seven counties, among other changes. [Trib]

-> Salt Lake County plans to spend money on improved roads and semaphores to save lives. [Trib]

-> The Sugar House Draw, a tunnel underneath 1300 East, is officially open for bikers and walkers on Parley's Trail. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Utah's Arches National Park is featured on a new quarter as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. [Trib]

-> A white chapel in Teasdale was demolished against the wishes of residents. [Trib]

-> The Holladay City Council unanimously approved a bee ordinance for city residents after some revisions. [Trib]

Nationally: Secretary of State John Kerry stepped up to defend the trade that released POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban control in the latest round of fire resulting from the deal. [WSJ] [Politico] [LATimes]

-> Hillary Clinton's book will be on shelves this week and many are saying the accompanying book tour is part of her political campaign to run for president in 2016, but Clinton says she won't make a definitive decision until next year. [WSJ] [Politico]

-> First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at a memorial for the poet Maya Angelou, saying Angelou was her role model growing up and "her words were clever and sassy." [WaPost] [Politico]

-> President Barack Obama plans to address student loans and debt under executive action, as he promised in his State of the Union address. [NYTimes] [Politico]

-> Delos Cosgrove, with the Cleveland VA Clinic, withdrew his name from the list for a new secretary of Veterans Affairs. [WSJ]

Where are they?

  • Rep. Jason Chaffetz travels to D.C., votes and presides over the House for the evening debate.
  • Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox meets with Sen. Kevin Van Tassell, R-Vernal, and Uintah County Commissioners in Heber.
  • SL Co. Mayor Ben McAdams heads to the Mountain Accord Executive Board meeting and attends the Utah Autism Coalition SB57 celebration.
  • SLC Mayor Ralph Becker participates in a social agency lab with graduate students, meets with management from Rocky Mountain Power, speaks with Midvale Mayor Joanne Seghini and also goes to the Mountain Accord Executive Board meeting.
  • President Barack Obama speaks with nurses to address immigration reform, signs a presidential memorandum to reduce student loan debt, conferences with governors from Western states and ends his day with the University of Connecticut's women's and men's basketball teams to congratulate both on their NCAA championship wins this year.

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