From: jeffery coubly
Date: Sat Jun 07 03:53:49 MDT 2014
Dear ,
  Greetings to you and your entire family?

 I want to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you, and i believe that you will do the same in your next mail,I am Jeffery Coubly,the only son of Mr/Mrs Micheal Coubly who was the former minister of finance and economics here in my country and died during the recent political crises here in my country
As a matter of fact, I am seeking for investment opportunities anywhere outside  my country and I need a trust worthy person/investor whom I can talk to on how to invest, something interested me most before sending you this email and i really want to chose you for this transaction though i barely know who you are... but, i believe you will find it in your mind to help me out of this present fate as i have 12.5 million US dollars to invest with you in your country
Basically, all I need is sincerity, authenticity, integrity protection, virtue, accountability and honor which bring trust in business. As you already know, nothing can undermine a business relationship more completely than lack of trust because trust is the essential precondition upon which all real success depends and the key to trust is action and commitments. Commitments made and commitments honored.

Once you agree to this, we shall prepare an Equity Investment Agreement where we shall state the profit sharing pattern and all other conditions.

Waiting for your response.

Best Regards

Jeffery Coubly.