From: Water News
To: govenor,
Subject: Water Issues to Consider - 99.8% of Utah water audited - 0.2% not. Why?
Date: Fri Jun 06 18:30:54 MDT 2014
Salt Lake County is 0.9% of Utah in close proximity to the Great Salt Lake.  Is piping water to Salt Lake County where it is used once and discharged into the Great Salt Lake to evaporate a sound water conservation policy?

Who decided to give the State's water from 7 counties 1 small county being 0.9% of Utah's land?

99.8% of Utah's land has been audited (proposed determination) on water rights by the Utah State Engineer. 

How did 0.2% of Utah, the Salt Lake City area get missed on water audits?  SLC is the Headquarters of the Utah Division of Water Rights.

99.1% of Utah operates under Dr. Hill USU water report for hydrology.  0.9% of Utah does not.  What are the ramifications of this?  Is it equitable?

Historically, it was labor intensive to do field water audits.  However, with Google Earth and the new walk about feature, water audits can be performed anywhere in the state from a computer.  Of course, some field is needed, but the field work time component has been reduced.

After Utah spent Billions to store and pipe water to the thirsty Salt Lake Valley, because it "needed" water. 

How does SLC comes up with "surplus" water for 3 counties & 4 ski resorts for $25 million in annual "surplus" water sales?

7 years ago 18 Utah County Mayor requested Area 57 (Salt Lake Area) be water audited like the rest of Utah.  Nothing happened.  Instead, the State Engineer did more water studies on Utah County.

What are the hydrological signs that the CUP project is failing already?

What happened to Juab and Sevier County's CUP water allotment?

Juab is the next Utah County.  Where will it get it's water if all water pipes lead to the 0.9% (Salt Lake County)?

Why does 0.9% of Utah get most of the water development dollars and water from 7 counties?

What happens to the land values of the 99.1% of Utah's land if most water development dollars go to 0.9% of Utah?

Was the primary purpose of the CUP to put culinary water on Kennecott's massive land holdings?  Which is ok.  But why should the little guy pay water bonds for a Billion foreign corporation like Kennecott?

Are our water projects for the 0.9% of Utah creating the air quality problems along the Wasatch Front?

Why does the U of U pay $600+ for an acre-foot of water, but BYU and UVU pay $200 per acre-foot?

Why isn't the water in Red Butte Creek used to reduce the water costs of the U of U when most of Red Butte Creek runs to waste? 

Utah uses 6 million acre-feet of water or 60 Deer Creek's worth.  The Great Salt Lake evaporates 3 million acre-feet or 30 Deer Creek's worth.

A big tree evaporates 100 gallons of water per day without a water permit.

A private land owner can't evaporate 8.65 gallons per day without a permit, but can plant the above tree without a permit.  Does that make sense? 

Is it time for cities water and sewer utilities to be regulated by the Public Service Commission for consumer protection?

Our electric utility and gas utility companies aren't given property tax authority, why are our water different utilities different?

Water has property tax authority plus is not regulated by the Public Service Commission.  Is this something to look at? 

Some water ideas to consider for the improvement of Utah, the increase in education dollars, the increase of private property rights, and the de-crease of over regulation and over reaching on water in Utah.

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