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To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Video: FFs in trouble over cold water stunt; FF charged in rescue boat crash
Date: Fri Jun 06 17:38:08 MDT 2014
DC Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe to retire ; Off-duty cop shocked by bystanders' actions at horrific crash ;
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FireRescue1 Weekend Edition
June 6, 2014
Dear Member,
In this week's news, D.C. Fire and EMS Chief Kenneth Ellerbe will retire after three years of scrutiny and complaints of poor service, while firefighters taking a cold water challenge landed in hot water for blasting a firefighter with aerial streams.

And, listen to this week's episode of The Command Post — where our experts discuss what's new in extrication and when a firefighter should retire.

— From the FR1 Team
Quick Step Anchor — "Get Off the Roof Safe"
The Quick Step Anchor is a lightweight (11 pounds) yet robust (1000 test load) folding step which provides a truck company firefighter performing vertical ventilation with a stable platform to speed up the task, and a secure anchor point to tether to, preventing a fall. Proudly made in the USA.
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Here are measures to prevent and treat its three variations.
3 keys to passing fire officer exams
Learning about the test giver, the test and yourself will pay big rewards.
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The Command Post Podcast
In this week's The Command Post podcast, hosts Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie discuss what's new in extrication and when a firefighter should retire.
 Listen to the podcast
Introducing DakotaFire's MOTAK Pressurized Gel Delivery System
Finally there are tools to get the job done RIGHT. Delivered correctly, GEL is the best fire chemical available. DakotaFire Systems' pressurized gel delivery systems are the first to provide uniform and consistent coverage of flame retardant gel even under extreme conditions.
Fireground Tips and Tricks
Detail your brief initial report
 Make sure to paint a picture for the other responding crews. Use proper terminology, detail the type of building involved, smoke conditions, visible flames and rescue opportunities. Keep it concise
Top Comments of the Week
"The locks [our water department] are installing require a special wrench to remove the hydrant cap. They won't provide the wrenches to our mutual aid departments, who are likely to have to hit the hydrant. And, many things could happen, including the lock mechanism freezing in the winter, accidentally losing a wrench, etc."
Barry Bledsoe in response to Fire hydrant locks putting residents in danger
"Many SDS's have a proprietary listing in the ingredients. Doesn't mean they're trying to hush things up; they're protecting trade secrets."
Angelette Holtman in response to N.C. bill could land fire chiefs in jail over industrial secrets
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