To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: What Corrupt States Spend Their Money On
Date: Fri Jun 06 12:01:26 MDT 2014

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A Conservative Group Goes Local

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is expanding its reach beyond the states to local governments.

Under Scrutiny, States Trim List of Bad Bridges

All but nine states have decreased the number of "structurally deficient" bridges since the fatal Minneapolis bridge collapse in 2007. But experts warn that if Congress doesn't find the money to continue or increase current funding levels, the number of troubled bridges could start climbing again.

States Trying to Get Drugs to the Dying Faster

A few states want to make experimental drugs available to terminally ill people without the FDA's approval -- an idea popularized by the movie "Dallas Buyers Club." Critics say the laws could be harmful to public health.


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1 in 25

Portion of women in state prisons who are pregnant when they begin their sentence.

Who said that?


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June 6, 2014

What Corrupt States Spend Their Money On

A study finds that more corrupt states spend more money on construction, highways and police protections and less on health, education and other public services.


Today's Headlines from Around the Nation

Missouri Moves Its Presidential Primary to March
Appeals Court Halts Recognition of Gay Marriages in Utah
Health & Human Services
Governor of Maine Wants Authority to Investigate VA Facilities
Infrastructure & Environment
North Carolina Will Begin Exploring Fracking
Virginia Orders Uber, Lyft to Stop All Operations
Car Sharing Services Like UberX Are Illegal in Miami. But They're Still Around.
Management & Labor
Judge to Decide Constitutionality of Christie's Pension Cuts
There's a New, Better Way to Compare the World's Cities
Public Safety & Justice
City in Colorado Bans Marijuana Sales
2 More States Drop Common Core
Kansas Teachers: No Education Degree Necessary
IBM's Next-Generation Smart City Solutions

With the launch of its next-generation smart city solutions, IBM has directed its thinking toward three main themes, which are tailored for cities, holistic in their execution, and interconnected. These are: Planning and Management, Infrastructure Planning, and Human Services.
Read the paper here.

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