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Subject: How everyone came together to get a van donated to RDT
Date: Thu Jun 05 22:36:11 MDT 2014
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On the threshold of our 50th anniversary (2015-16), can we count on a donation from you to see us through our fiscal year ending June 30?

>>Click here to make a Donation

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You can also donate by calling or mailing a check or credit card information and gift amount to:

Repertory Dance Theatre
PO Box 510427
Salt Lake City, UT 84151-0427
Ph. 801.534.1000

(and how we got to "Yay!")

Securing the van...

  • RDT needed a company van to get our dancers out to the schools on tour.
  • Salt Lake City Corporation had a van they were moving out of the fleet.
  • An RDT Board member wrote a letter to the fleet manager, asking for the van.
  • The fleet manager asked the mayor if we could have the van.
  • The mayor initiated a study which determined that giving the van to RDT was a good deal for the city.
  • There was a public hearing where everyone yelled about a zoning issue on the agenda.
  • The City Council voted to give us the van. (Yay!)

Fixing the van...

  • We went to get the van inspected and registered. BONK! The repair costs were $1500+ (about half the value of the van!)
  • We called up Firestone (204 E. Broadway, SLC) and told Tom the situation (RDT had no budget for van repairs)
  • Bridgestone Firestone District Office waived the charges (Yay!)
  • Linda gave Tom some flowers when she picked up the repaired van

Parking the van...

  • Where were we going to park the van?
  • We called up Capitol Parking near the Rose Wagner.
  • David Bernolfo, owner, said, "Yes, park for free in one of my spots next to The Rose." (Yay!)

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: A lot of people came together to help Repertory Dance Theatre meet its mission to build community through creating, performing, perpetuating and helping others appreciate modern dance.

Thanks to this amazing list of people, the RDT van has taken us to Reno, Nevada on tour and survived the 3 1/2 hour drive to Manilla, Utah where we served every child in Daggett County with arts-in-education programming.

Can we rely on you at the end of our fiscal year to make a donation as well? (If so, Yay!)

(Oh...just to be clear about the van: The brakes squeak, but who's complaining?) ;)

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