From: Nicole Guihaumé
To: REP-WALSH, Rep-abney, Rep-azzinaro, Rep-casey, Rep-guthrie, Rep-obrien, Rep-palangio, Rep-sanbento, Rep-slater, Rep-tanzi, Rep-ucci, Rep-winfield, rep-Blazejewski, rep-ackerman, rep-ajello, rep-almeida, rep-amore, rep-baldellihunt, rep-bennett, rep-canario, rep-carnevale, rep-chippendale, rep-cimini, rep-costantino, rep-craven, rep-desimone, rep-diaz, rep-ecoderre, rep-fellela, rep-ferri, rep-finn, rep-fox, rep-gallison, rep-hearn, rep-hull, rep-jacquard, rep-johnston, rep-kazarian, rep-kennedy, rep-lally, rep-lima, rep-lombardi, rep-macbeth, rep-malik, rep-marcello, rep-marshall, rep-martin, rep-mattiello, rep-mclaughlin, rep-mcnamara, rep-melo, rep-messier, rep-morgan, rep-naughton, rep-nunes, rep-ogrady, rep-oneill, rep-palumbo, rep-phillips, rep-ruggiero, rep-serpa, rep-shekarchi, rep-silva, rep-tomasso, rep-trillo, rep-valencia, rep-williams,, rep.andrew.farmer, rep.andy.holt, rep.antonio.parkinson,, rep.barbara.cooper,, rep.barry.doss, rep.bill.dunn, rep.bill.sanderson, rep.billy.spivey,, rep.bob.ramsey, rep.brenda.gilmore, rep.cameron.sexton, rep.charles.sargent,, rep.craig.fitzhugh, rep.curry.todd, rep.curtis.halford, rep.curtis.johnson, rep.dale.carr, rep.darren.jernigan, rep.david.alexander, rep.david.hawk, rep.david.shepard, rep.dawn.white, rep.debra.moody, rep.dennis.powers, rep.dennis.roach, rep.eric.watson,, rep.gary.odom, rep.gerald.mccormick, rep.glen.casada, rep.gloria.johnson,, rep.harry.brooks, rep.james.vanhuss, rep.jason.powell, rep.jeremy.durham, rep.jeremy.faison, rep.jim.coley, rep.jimmy.eldridge, rep.jimmy.matlock, rep.joanne.favors, rep.joe.armstrong, rep.joe.carr, rep.joe.pitts, rep.joe.towns, rep.john.deberry, rep.john.forgety, rep.john.ragan, rep.john.tidwell, rep.john.windle, rep.johnnie.turner,, rep.jon.lundberg, rep.joshua.evans, rep.judd.matheny, rep.karen.camper, rep.kelly.keisling, rep.kent.calfee, rep.kent.williams, rep.kevin.brooks, rep.larry.miller, rep.mark.pody, rep.mark.white, rep.mary.littleton, rep.matthew.hill, rep.mike.carter, rep.mike.harrison, rep.mike.sparks, rep.mike.stewart, rep.mike.turner, rep.pat.marsh, rep.paul.bailey, rep.raumesh.akbari, rep.richard.floyd, rep.rick.womick, rep.roger.kane, rep.ron.lollar, rep.ron.travis, rep.ryan.haynes, rep.ryan.williams, rep.sheila.butt, rep.sherry.jones, rep.steve.hall, rep.steve.mcdaniel, rep.steve.mcmanus, rep.susan.lynn, rep.terri.lynn.weaver, rep.tilman.goins, rep.tim.wirgau, rep.timothy.hill, rep.tony.shipley, rep.vance.dennis, rep.vince.dean, rep.william.lamberth, sen.becky.massey, sen.bill.ketron,, sen.brian.kelsey, sen.charlotte.burks, sen.dolores.gresham, sen.doug.overbey, sen.douglas.henry, sen.ferrell.haile, sen.frank.niceley, sen.jack.johnson, sen.janice.bowling, sen.jim.kyle, sen.jim.summerville, sen.jim.tracy, sen.joey.hensley, sen.john.stevens, sen.ken.yager, sen.lowe.finney, sen.mae.beavers,, sen.mark.norris, sen.mike.bell,, sen.randy.mcnally, sen.reginald.tate, sen.rusty.crowe, sen.stacey.campfield, sen.steve.southerland, sen.steven.dickerson, sen.thelma.harper, sen.todd.gardenhire, speaker.beth.harwell, Allen Christensen, Angela Romero, Aaron Osmond, Brad Dee, Becky Edwards, Brian Greene, Brad Last, Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Wilson, Brian King, Brian Shiozawa, Craig Hall, Curtis Oda, Carol Moss, curt, Curt Webb, Deidre Henderson, David Hinkins, Don Ipson, Dana Layton, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Doug Sagers, Dixon Pitcher, Dean Sanpei, Daniel Thatcher, Earl Tanner, Eric Hutchings, Edward Redd, Evan Vickers, Francis Gibson, Gene Davis, Gage Froerer, Greg Hughes, Howard Stephenson, Jacob Anderegg, Johnny Anderson, Janice Fisher, Jim Bird, Joel Briscoe, Jon Cox, Jim Dabakis, Jack Draxler, Jim Dunnigan, Jeremy Peterson, Jerry Anderson, Jim Nielson, John Knotwell, John G. 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Subject: MH370 in Diego Garcia, Zionism and Malaysia
Date: Thu Jun 05 19:10:54 MDT 2014


MH370 still focuses attention as many look after the cui bono, remember Airbus problems followed by Boeing ones, wonder if it was the result of a malicious action. Some write on Boeing's responsibility though we are not yet told a truthable explanation.

For most of us, as for Tim Clark who asked where were the fighters on the 8th of March, a commercial plane can't disappear. Moreover, for those who took interest in blood moons and on the way Zionists consider them, Malaysia is refered to at least as a country which focuses attention in 2014. Birthing documents prove it, done before 2014, and presenting the 8 October's blood moon as connected to Malaysia.

I sent mails on MH370 during April and May, proposing an explanation for sure not complete but which has the advantage not to designate states, but transnational zionist mafia which I have personal reasons to know as exposed in the IC3 complaints I join. Birthing documents were done by a Zionist, stayed long on Sonoma University website where they are not anymore. I propose you to read them as the ones on the demise of America (PDF scales), and to glance at the persons who received my mails, and let me continue as it was clear I would as long as nobody tells me I fail.

I wish not to disturb, apologize if I do so,

Best regards,

Nicole Guihaumé

I1405020546129712 (2).pdf
Envoi 24 mai 2014-2 complément plainte IC3.pdf
MH370 mail sur aspect réincarnation-Salem.pdf
MH370 et réincarnation-Parlement Européen-2 13 mai 2014.pdf
OTP-CR 78-09 Complément sur MH370.pdf