From: Robert Borosage, Campaign for America's Future
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: How some seniors are losing 15% of their Social Security.
Date: Thu Jun 05 18:47:32 MDT 2014
Debt Crisis

We all know student debt is out of control. What you may not know is just how bad it's gotten:

The government is garnishing senior citizens' Social Security checks to claw back education loans they co-signed for their children or grandchildren. Seniors are losing up to 15% of their earned benefits each month.

There are no exceptions. Neither the borrower nor the co-signer can have student debt absolved in bankruptcy court.

Campaign for America's Future is in this fight and we want you to join us. This is no longer an issue simply for young people. There is over a trillion dollars in outstanding student debt.

We're joining the fight with Senator Elizabeth Warren to allow all student loans to be refinanced at today's lower rates.

Can you support our campaign to fix our broken student loan system with a donation?

We'll be reaching out to lawmakers and the media, and keeping the pressure on.

But that's only a first step. Social Security checks should be off limits. Steps must be taken to control costs, especially at online and for-profit colleges.

When a young person opens his or her college acceptance letter, it should be a moment of joy and celebration, not anxiety.

Can you help with a donation to our fight to reform this broken system?

Chip in and suppport this campaign.

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