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Date: Thu Jun 05 17:43:18 MDT 2014
State Legislatures Magazine

The June issue of State Legislatures is on its way to your mailbox, but you don't have to wait - it's available now in PDF format and online.

Identity thieves are targeting children who may not even discover they’ve had their personal information stolen for several years. “The crime can have a devastating effect on an individual’s personal finances, and we should ensure that our young people can begin their adult lives with a clean financial slate” says Texas Senator Jane Nelson (R). Read how states are responding to this growing problem on page 14.

When the Department of Education granted states waivers from particular provisions in the No Child Left Behind Act, many states took advantage of the offer. Having the waiver is “helping West Virginia move in the direction we want to as a state” says Senator Robert Plymale (D). The waivers granted states flexibility, but some states face the difficult task of making education policy decisions within the changing world of waivers. To read more about how states are handing the challenge, turn to page 25.

As cell phone thefts soar, lawmakers are looking for ways to protect consumers and thwart the thieves. “One of the top catalysts for street crime in many California cities is smartphone theft, and these crimes are becoming increasingly violent” says California Senator Mark Leno (D). Find out what state legislatures, the wireless industry and law enforcement agencies are doing to address the problem on page 28.

For many state policymakers, having an adequate health care workforce is not just about numbers. It’s about having doctors and nurses who can connect with patients in a way that improves their health and avoids costlier conditions. Learn how states are working to improve the cultural competency of their health care workforce on page 22.

State Legislatures
There’s a lot more you’ll find inside—from driver’s licensing for unauthorized immigrants and an update on state revenues, to marijuana regulation and trends in energy efficiency. Questions about the magazine? Contact NCSL.

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